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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

11:43 PM - Elsewhere on the web

Football Manager 2006 PSP.
This is going to result in productivity degradation worldwide when it's released at the end of the year.

My grandfather, the gamer.

Big Brother: the EPL edition.

WordPress out.
Another month, another security fix.

Orca the Killer Whale.
A Great White gets jaw'd.

The award-winning designer dog toy. [via]
For fashionable dogs, I guess.

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11:43 PM - Phobos

Phobos Shining Sword

A photo of Takara's MagneAcroyear Phobos.

The MagneMicroman figures are some of Takara's best designs of the year (so far). The only shortcoming is the lacklustre weaponry included but that's easily remedied if you've got a decent collection of Microman figures and accessories. Phobos is shown here with Perfect Shining Solomon's Shining Sword.

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12:49 AM - Elsewhere on the web

PSP doing well in South Korea.
"A major element in the success of the PSP in South Korea has been the inclusion of wireless internet access with the system, allowing users to browse the web and other media and communications services when they're within range of a wireless hotspot."

The difference between football and soccer. [via]
In football, you get cautioned or sent off for a bad tackle. In soccer, the recipient's mommy calls the police.

Red Dwarf Magazine interviews.

Night of the Living Dead. [via]
Hurray for public domain movies.

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Monday, June 27, 2005

10:13 PM - 100+K!


I finally broke through the Lumines 100K barrier tonight. I was close to Game Over territory at the 80K mark but a destroyer brick dropped nicely for me, half the screen got wiped and I was back in the game.

For a little while, anyway.

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10:11 PM - Elsewhere on the web

Toy and model subs. [via]

Airboard: the levitating hover scooter.
Price: US$14,500.

Andilinks: 50+K bookmarks. [via]

What is a "digitabulist"?

Princess Leia plays the axe.
Dig the beard, your highness-ness.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

10:45 PM - Fun, fun, fun ...

Lister: What kind of milk are we using now?

Holly: Emergency back-up supply. We're on the dog's milk.

Lister: Dog's milk?

Holly: Nothing wrong with dog's milk. Full of goodness. Full of vitamins. Full of marrowbone jelly. Lasts longer than any other type of milk, dog's milk.

Lister: Why?

Holly: No bugger'll drink it. Plus, of course, the advantage of dog's milk is that when it goes off, it tastes exactly the same as when it's fresh.

(From Red Dwarf S2E1 "Kryten".)

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10:45 PM - Elsewhere on the web

PSP: UMD sales fine, production figures normal.
The real story here is the anti-Sony contingent is eager to find a negative spin for any piece of PSP news.

Digital bullying.
" ... the time-honored humiliation of being taunted in front of others can now live on in perpetuity on cell phones and Web sites ... The report cited instances of so-called 'happy slapping,' an extreme form of techno-bullying where physical assaults are recorded on mobile phones and distributed to Web sites and other phones via video messaging." Abu Ghraib comes home.

Jaws III: a 17' croc weighing over a ton.
"He lives alone in an enclosure - in the past few years he's repulsed at least three attempts by his keepers to pair him with female crocodiles by killing them." Now that's anti-social.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

11:44 PM - Higher, getting higher

Lumines score: 85K+

I managed to get a new Lumines highscore tonight. I usually end up getting screwed during the "Just..." skin which features quick-dropping blocks but I survived it this time with a relatively clean board.

Next target: 100K!

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10:13 PM - Sticks

Souchaku Henshin Kamen Rider Hibiki

Another photo of Bandai's Souchaku Henshin Kamen Rider Hibiki figure.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

10:05 PM - Elsewhere on the web

Matt Armstrong's Stikfas custom.
A beautiful tribal-looking 14" Stikfas Alpha Male figure.

G-MasterFlash's Lumines FAQ.
It includes a thoughtful comparison of Lumines and Tetris.

Lumines deletes and 60 secs timed challenged records.
My current personal bests are 13 and 37 respectively.

Sony to produce fewer PSPs.
Possible reason: "Companies go bankrupt with too much stock - even companies like Sony but never with too little. We will continue to be cautious..."

Bad data on TV episode torrents?
Someone's intentionally doing it and judging by the IP blocks reportedly used, it's a coordinated effort.

Darth Vader: United fan.
Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

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Monday, June 20, 2005

10:32 PM - Elsewhere on the web

Lumines is engrossing. [via]
Things could get awkward if she brings out the PSP on the wedding night.

On PSP Porn.
Digg user Abeg: "Sony knew that there would be porn on the psp. why do you think they include a cleaning cloth in their 'Value Pack'"

Peter Parker: Grammar buff.

Bzzurkk! The thesaurus of champions. [via]
What kind of explosion makes a "PWAKA-PWOOM" sound effect?

The Crash.
Anecdotes (with pix) about busted tech devices.

World's largest gold bullion.
At current prices, the 250kg bar is worth over US$3.8 million.

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10:32 PM - How original

From the New Straits Times (June 17, fact fans):

But for many, it is the bloggers’ originality and linguistic flair that make them go back for more.

One blogger, for example, pens his sarcastic take on the idiosyncrasies of Malaysians with the opening remarks: “There are two things infinite, the universe and human stupidity, although I am not too sure about the former.”

The problem here is the quote intended to show bloggers' originality (and linguistic flair) was originally an Albert Einstein quote.


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Sunday, June 19, 2005

10:59 PM - Elsewhere on the web

Microman Hibiki custom.

Hibiki episode 20 torrent out.

Quinton Fortune returns to South Africa.
Fortune isn't the most exciting of players to watch but he's honest and hardworking, and his work with UNICEF shows he's got a heart of gold as well.

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10:59 PM - Cat call

My new neighbour, a Bangladeshi trader, has a cat. It's a white one with pale blue eyes and it bears a slight resemblance to my missing (and badly missed) cat. I think they may have had the same sire.

Anyway, I heard "meow, meow, meow" from our balcony today. Upon investigating, I was alarmed to see the neighbour's cat had somehow managed to scale the mango tree in our garden and had made it to our balcony. This was alarming because the balcony is where the bunny likes to spend the day.

The cat was sitting there less than two feet away from the bunny, staring at it. I've mentioned before the bunny is a bit of a badass but I was still taken aback to see her staring right back at the cat. Not taking any chances, I quickly grabbed the cat.

I was still hearing "meow, meow, meow" but it wasn't coming from the cat; it was coming from my neighbour's handphone next door. He had apparently recorded the cat meowing and was using the recording to call for it.

Anyway, I returned the cat to its owner and let him know as politely as I could it would be best for all concerned if the cat stayed away from our balcony.

I don't want to end up having to explain to someone their cat had been killed by a widdle bunny wabbit.

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Friday, June 17, 2005

10:08 PM - Elsewhere on the web

Kihennifuyu's Hibiki episode reviews.
Complete with SD-style cartoons.

Namco Museum user review.
"This game really pushes the power of the psp to new heights. Just as the Atari classics on the ds, this is perfect for anyone looking to see exactly what their PSP can do. I've heard that some PSPs have overheated when trying to display this game." Heh.

Pac-man patriotism. [via]
"Mitchell purposefully arrived on July 1st -- Canada’s Day -- and won the title in time for the Fourth of July. He even wore a red, white and blue, Star Spangled Banner tie to emphasize the patriotic sentiments behind his efforts." I cracked up when he likened himself to Neil Armstrong. Clearly, playing too much Pac-Man distorts your sense of perspective.

PSP case roundup. [via]
I'm happy with my Logitech Playgear Pocket. I don't have to remove the PSP from the case to play or charge it and it's tough enough to provide peace of mind. It could be criticised for being chunky and bland-looking but it's a protective case, not a fashion accessory.

BT used to distribute malware. [via]
As others have pointed out, it's no big deal. Just use common sense, check the file details of the torrent before downloading and keep in mind executables aren't likely to be movies or TV shows.

OniPress free comics. [via]

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

8:58 PM - Blockhead

Happiness is ... getting a new Lumines high-score.

Embarrassment is ... my current Lumines high-score.

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8:56 PM - Currently grooving to ...

Yaida Hitomi -- My Sweet Darlin'
I've yet to hear a Yaiko tune that isn't hook-laden and this is the best of the lot.

Nobuchika Eri -- Lights
An outstanding tune from an outstanding game.

JAM Project -- Crush Gear Fight
"Crush on ride, Crush on hippy, Crush Gear Fight" ... I have no idea what it means but this is one irresistible ditty.

Akino -- Sousei no Aquarion OP
The show is downright annoying but I really like the opening song.

Andrea True Connection -- More, more, more
A disco tune featuring a breathy porn star singing, "But if you want to know how I really feel, get the cameras rolling, get the action going ..."

The Las -- There She Goes
The first time I heard this song I mistook it for a sweet, catchy tune about a lovely girl the songwriter was enamoured of but close perusal of the lyrics will reveal its unwholesome inspiration.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

10:23 PM - Elsewhere on the web

Microman Shishioh Guy & Chirico Cuvie.
And Swan White and Utsuki Mikoto, too.

MicroBry's MagneForce fanmodes.
Cool use of the vintage Titans and MagneCondor.

Wiz's monstrous Mugenbine fanmode.
The thing must be two feet tall.

Yusuke's Blade King Form pictorial.
The armour is all die-cast with the exception of the shoulder armour and helmet. Impulse-D and Geza have reviews up as well.

Takara's Sato and Tomy's Tomiyama interviewed.
Interesting factoid: it takes 10 million yen to produce a toy but toycos need to invest one billion yen in a show to push the merchandise in order to create a hit line. Tomiyama notes the risk of failure is high even then.

Robo rider.
Cool sculpture.

Drawn! [via]
"... a multi-author blog devoted to illustration, art, cartooning and drawing. Its purpose is to inspire creativity by sharing links and resources."

Tech specs aren't everything.
"The company built a tricky, proprietary machine, and they knew it. The majority of the development community isn’t going to understand this new way of making games. And though Sony is disturbed by developers not taking full advantage of the hardware, the company isn’t doing much to solve the problem." The article was about the PS2 but you have to wonder if the problem will recur with the PS3.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

10:29 PM - Oni

Kamen Rider Hibiki

A photo of a Kamen Rider Hibiki figure from Bandai's Souchaku Henshin series.

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

1:59 AM - Elsewhere on the web

Ebi's custom Kamen Rider Danki.
Based on the Souchaku Henshin Hibiki figure.

Tamabase's custom Microman weapons and backpacks.
Based on the 500 yen Armored Core Nexus Second Series figures.

Your mother as a metaphor.
"Picture the scene: your mum falls prey to the dubious charms of an ageing businessman, who has only got eyes for her assets. He pawns your toys to pay for the wedding, halves your pocket money, moves his own kids in upstairs and then announces he’s taking her to Florida every bloody summer - for work." Good grief. Now every Manchester United fan will have the mental image of Malcolm Glazer in flagrante delicto with their mothers.

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Friday, June 10, 2005

9:58 PM - Today's lesson


(Click on the image.)

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9:57 PM - Elsewhere on the web

HRP-2: taiko-drumming robot.
Oni Kamen Rider are going to be obsolete soon.

Let's see the Sun Photoshop itself out of this one.

"Want a piece of me, bub?"

Tempest Blue conquers Mount Ophir.
Very nice pix.

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12:05 AM - Elsewhere on the web

Yusuke's action figure photos.
Fantastic CG-enhanced pictures.

The Pirate Bay site admin interviewed.
" ...some sort of IP laws are probably needed, but that the current ones are well past their due date, and so are the business models of the music/movie/software industry."

Ninja City, Japan.
"In Ueno City which is about half way between Nagoya and Osaka there is a town called Iga which is famous for it's rice and sake, but also, for it's history as a major Ninja training site ... All the souvineers in the area are Ninja related. Ninja Senbei. Ninja KeyChains... And Ninja Hello Kitty."

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

12:11 AM - Elsewhere on the web

A Mugenbine take on GaoGaiGar.
LauncherZaurus + MachPtera + OverLigan + MugenBuilder.

Kamen Rider the First official site. [via]
This remake of the original manga is due this November. The bike design is stunning.

Pornography drives technology. [via]
"Far from viewing cyberpornographers as pariahs, society would do well to view them as mountain men and women in the mold of Jedediah Smith, who discovered and opened the passes of the Rockies for entire families to follow west. These early rogues were scruffy and smelly, perhaps not fit for polite society, but they did good service. Though uncivilized, they showed the roads for civilization to follow. We need not let the cyber-pioneers into every home, but society will benefit hugely by letting them roam free." Eh?

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

1:32 AM - Elsewhere on the web

Rome: Total War expansion coming soon. [via]
"There’s much that is new in Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion… and a few surprises we haven’t told you about just yet!" No word whether these surprises include bugs that will remain unfixed.

PSP blues. [via]
"Many of the system's faults are only temporary, such as the premium price, the so-so library of PS2's hand-me-down games, and the short list of (mostly "meh") upcoming titles. But there are other weaknesses in Sony's handheld plan that may not ever be fixable ..." He glosses over the portability, the connectivity and the sheer versatility of the system but it's worth a read nonetheless.

The Cutter.
A very disturbing and provocative image. Be sure to read the comments and read about the subject matter.

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Monday, June 06, 2005

10:57 PM - And I quote

Roger Ebert:

Continuity is not everything. I grew up watching "Captain Video," on which three rocks were rearranged to indicate they had left one planet and were now on another.

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10:56 PM - Whoa, deep

From the Intelligent License trailer:


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10:56 PM - Elsewhere on the web

Kamen Rider Hibiki 19 out.
Unsubbed. Another entertaining episode.

Kamen Rider Ryuki 5 out.
Subbed. TV-Nihon's tracker must've been tweaked again because I'm getting a green light now.

Hankerin' to do some Todoroki-style riffing?
Harmonix's PS2 music game, Guitar Hero, ships with a guitar-shaped controller.

Gone in 8 seconds. [via]
It takes that long for a Windows XP machine without a firewall to get compromised.

Tempest Blue takes a trip.
An account of a journey to a faraway, exotic land.

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Friday, June 03, 2005

7:29 AM - Elsewhere on the web

Another Microman Magneforce review. [via]

Mega Bloks Mag-Warriors.
The 4.5-inch tall figures have magnemo-inspired joints and retail for US$6.99. Articulated, ornate and cheap.

A moleskine's journey.
Disclaimer: "This website is a personal project and not connected with, nor supported, funded or endorsed by the Moleskine Company, its distributors, employees and suppliers in any way." Just above that: "This project is supported by Kikkerland Design, Inc. U.S. Moleskine Distributor."

Why the RIAA and MPAA are scared.

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

9:47 PM - Echh TV

It's been said television is a medium for advertisers with shows merely there to tempt viewers to absorb the ads but you'd think television stations would be a little more subtle about it.

Take a local station which I'll misname "Ecch TV" for reasons that will become abundantly clear. Here's a screenshot from last night:

Ecch TV

I should point out the TV set above doesn't have picture-in-picture capabilities. That's just how the station screens some of its shows.

The sidebar on the left is for SMS messages sent in by viewers. As hard as it must be to believe, there actually are silly twats who willingly pay money to send the most inane text seen outside of IRC to be broadcast to every television viewer.

Meanwhile, the bottom bar is for ads. Yes, ads while the show is on.

That odd sound you're hearing? Don't adjust your TV set. That's me gnashing my teeth.

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9:46 PM - Micromanbat


Click on the thumbnail for a photo of a Magnemo fan mode made of Magneforce Achilles and parts from AcroMonster Vampiser.

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9:45 PM - Elsewhere on the web

kyoshirom reviews Magneforce Metis.
The figure has a nice head sculpt and the swords look good.

Tsuneki Shinobu's home page.
The designer has worked on Amdriver and Microman among other series.

Lumines song samples.
Who knew a 15-second song snippet could be so addictive? Try to resist "Tin Toy." Go on, I dare you.

NES: Nintendo Expurgation System. [via]

Chess tactics. [via]
It's time to put Chessmaster 10 on my Games to Play list.

The search for a new number one.
"United were linked with seven goalkeepers in the month of May, their collective transfer fees pushing the £70million mark." God bless the British footballing press. They never let the absence of facts affect them.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

5:13 AM - Elsewhere on the web

"The most popular education magnet toy in 2003."
Each metal ball has a diameter of 12.7mm (the official site erroneously states it's 12.7cm) making it almost Magnemo-11 size. These Madmag magnetic construction sets have interesting artistic applications as well.

Bandai's 2000-2004 revenues by character. [via]
I find three things interesting. One, Gundam is the biggest earner with revenues improving annually except during the SEED year. Two, the Kamen Rider franchise saw the highest revenues during the Ryuki year. Three, the Rider franchise revenues were reduced by 34 per cent during the Blade year.

Moonlighting season 1 & 2 DVDs out.
Moonlighting quotes.

Robots, dinos and babes.
The geek quotient is dangerously high.

"Monkey vs. Robot."

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