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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

2:30 AM - And I quote

Jay Leno:

Former President Ronald Reaganís son, Ron Reagan Jr., has attacked President Bush saying he made a terrible mistake in Iraq. President Bush is furious Ė he said, "What does the son of a former president know about Iraq?Ē

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2:22 AM - Not Char's

Weighing 75.2 metric tons, standing 18 metres tall, armed with a 120mm machine gun and coloured bright pink, it's the girliest giant war machine ever.

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1:28 AM - Firefox 0.9.1

Mozilla Firefox has been updated. Again. Version 0.9.1 has some minor bug fixes and some changes to the default theme, Winstripe. (The previous version of Winstripe came under a lot of criticism mainly because it wasn't Qute enough.)

I uninstalled the previous version of Firefox, downloaded the 4.72MB Windows installer for version 0.9.1, installed the app, found all my old settings had been imported and was good to go.

God, I love Firefox.

Sure, it's not without its problems. But its main rival, IE, has problems so big, people are being advised not to use it.

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Monday, June 28, 2004

8:00 PM - Rats

Ah, rats

Walking on the streets of Luskan, a traveller is likely to be confronted by a vicious, vile creature with a foul mouth ... no, not Dick Cheney.

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7:59 PM - And I quote

HLJ's description of the Kamen Rider Blade Category A photobook:

Make no mistake, this book isn't in fact about Kamen Rider Blade -- but about the fellows who play the various characters. It's a photo book, filled with full-colour images of the actors in various arty shots, looking not at all heroic (it's hard to look heroic when you're lying in a meadow).

This would be the main reason why there aren't any heroic cows in Tokusatsu shows.

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7:59 PM - Stats

Georg Zoeller on the number of NWN players online now:

There are usually between 2.5k and 6k players depending on day of the week and time of the day.

That's not bad for a game that was first released two years ago. Kudos to Bioware for continually providing updates and working with the community.

(Link obtained from NW Vault.)

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

11:52 PM - Swede sorrow

The tragic death of Gwen Stacy affected Spider-Man so badly he started speaking Swedish.

(Image obtained from the Quarter to Three forum.)

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Saturday, June 26, 2004

11:04 PM - A slip of the foot

England crashed out of Euro 2004 after they were defeated on penalties by hosts Portugal. There were a few tepid moments in the match but it had a thrilling climax. What high drama.

Owen, under fire for his uninspiring form in the qualifying stages, scored his first goal of the tournament in the third minute. The Liverpool man intercepted a poor, poor back header by Costinha and made a difficult 180 degree turn (almost losing his balance in the process) to hook the ball past Ricardo and into the back of the net.

Boy wonder Rooney was taken off in the 27th minute after breaking his metatarsal -- the same bone both Beckham and Gary Neville broke before World Cup 2002. If Marvel did What If ... comics for football matches, you can bet What If Rooney Hadn't Gone Off Injured would be a best-seller in England.

The score remained the same until half-time and England started the second-half content to sit on their slim lead. Portugal launched attack after attack but England managed to repulse all attempts. Cole, who had an outstanding match at left-back, made the skillful Ronaldo look very ordinary indeed. The only satisfaction the young United winger got was when he accidentally kicked the Arsenal man in the head. The camera caught Ronaldo laughing following the foul and I'm thinking there'll be payback come next season.

Erikkson replaced Scholes with defensive midfielder Phil Neville and later replaced Gerrard with Hargreaves as England continued to draw back into their shell tortoise-style but it was the Portuguese substitution sandwiched between the two English ones that drew all the gasps. Portugal coach Scolari, the Brazilian who had won the World Cup for his native country, substituted Figo in the 75th minute. It shouldn't have been a stunning decision -- Big Phil had done the same thing in previous matches after all -- but it was and all the more so because of the choice of substitute. Postiga is frequently mocked in England for his poor showing at club level and you could see the dismay in the faces of the Portuguese fans when the substitution was made. As it turns out, it would go down as one of the pivotal decisions of the match. Scolari's first substitute, Simao, crossed for the unmarked Postiga to score with seven minutes remaining in the match. Zero to hero.

It looked like the match would go to extra-time but there was still drama before the end of regulation time. Campbell headed the ball into the net in the 90th minute but the goal was controversially ruled illegal. I couldn't see why at first but perhaps the ref thought Terry had obstructed the keeper. The English media thought otherwise and are railing against the man in black for costing England the match.

The silver goal rule was in effect in this tournament but there weren't any goals in the first period of extra-time. Scolari's third substitute, Rui Costa, fired home a screamer to give Portugal the lead with 10 minutes remaining. It had match-winner written all over it but Lampard had other ideas. The England midfielder reacted swiftly to Terry's knock-down of a Beckham corner to equalise.

On to penalties and more drama.

Beckham slipped and ballooned his attempt. The England captain, underwhelming throughout the tournament, stared hard at the ground surounding the penalty spot and Rui Costa did the same when he missed his own attempt. Never has a piece of dirt achieved such notoriety. It's funny how the other players managed to net their attempts, though. Special mention has to be made of Postiga's attempt; it was the cheekiest of weak chips and the ball barely had the momentum to cross the goal line. Vassell displayed no such confidence with his own attempt and sank to his knees when he saw his shot saved by Ricardo. The Portuguese keeper was so fired up he took Portugal's next penalty and he won the host nation a place in the semi-finals when he beat his English counterpart.

And so Beckham returns to what he does best: hawking Pepsi.

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9:34 PM - Mere Naam Spider-Man

Meet the rakshasa-fighting, dhoti-wearing Spider-Man ver. India. Try not to confuse him with Spider-Man ver. Japan (who pilots a giant robot) or Spider-Man ver. Holland (who speaks Dutch).

This localisation, while sounding odd and provoking some deliciously sarky comments, isn't unprecedented. Slashdot reader phr4gmonk3y rightly points out Haim Saban did the same thing with various sentai series from Japan to produce the Power Rangers franchise for the US market.

(Link obtained from Slashdot.)

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Thursday, June 24, 2004

10:45 PM - Blogging, NWN-style

Thief's journal

Looking on the bright side, I'm betting his head no longer hurts.

(On the downside, his head is no longer attached to the rest of him.)

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10:43 PM - Bloom


The flowers in our garden are starting to bloom. There are a few more pictures in my Fotopic gallery.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

8:07 PM - Women in gaming

There's an interesting MSNBC article about the low numbers of women in gaming. It begins thusly:

Last month's E3 did little to dissuade the stereotype that the only women working in video gaming do so in camouflage bikinis.

"We were looking at these posters of women in outfits," Chu recalled. "And one turned to me and said, 'This is why women arenít in games.'"

And here I thought the main reason many women don't play games is because they're just not interested in gaming.

I doubt I could get my 68-year-old father interested in playing PC or console games but that's hardly a reason for hand-wringing and industry-wide soul-searching about why few senior citizens play games.

Slashdot reader TheLink made an astute point about the so-called gender divide issue:

How about getting more men as kindergarten teachers or nurses?

Most aren't interested? Wow what a concept eh?

Hey it's not like men wouldn't be useful in those fields. It's probably easier for male nurses to develop upper body strength - which helps when you need to move/shift bedridden incapacitated patients - to avoid bedsores, etc.

So where's the push to even out the gender imbalances in those areas?

Right. This isn't about gender imbalance and this isn't about providing oppressed women gamers with more choices. This is simply about inflating and exploiting a market for more, more, more filthy lucre and the article should have highlighted that more.

Personally, I'm left wondering why developers aren't creating games that I like. (Help! Help! I'm being oppressed!) Where the hell are the X-COM-style strategy games with turn-based tactical combat?

(Link obtained from Slashdot.)

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8:06 PM - Wax 'n' Wayne

The headlines from the BBC's football page yesterday:

Hosts 'do not fear Rooney'

Rooney's gems

Rooney 'the new Pele'

Rooney, the boy I know

British press hail Rooney

A diary of Wayne Rooney

Rooney leads England to win

Rooney has pundits purring

Rooney watch

Over the Roon!

Serena "falls for Rooney"

Bear in mind England have merely qualified for the quarterfinals. God only knows how effusive the English media is going to be if England should actually go on to win the tournament.

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8:04 PM - Pundits at 2 o'clock!

The Malay Mail asked Sergebeth "Shebby" Singh to give his pick for Euro 2004 and Malaysia's most famous footballing pundit replied:

Italy all the way. They are my favourite Euro 2004 team, their midfielder Francessco Totti and forward Antonio Cassano are my favourite footballers, and for the final, Italy to beat whoever.

Italy didn't even make the quarterfinals and Totti was banned 3 matches for spitting at an opponent.

Let me just say in commiseration: Ahahaha!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

10:26 PM - Unquotes

Retorts that I, tragically, have not had the opportunity to use #1:

"You have monkeys in your butt and on top of that they're flying monkeys? Fantastic. National Geographic should do a special on these astounding creatures residing within one of your major orifices. Peter Coyote should narrate: 'A new dawn breaks over {insert name}'s buttocks. A lone assmonkey crawls out and unfurls its wings, preparing to take to the skies ... .'"

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10:26 PM - Plight of RO

Do you want to know why I would rather have my eyeballs gouged out with a rusty farming implement than play Ragnarok Online? Take the name: Ragnarok. That refers to the last days of the gods. Armageddon. Death, doom and destruction. Pain and peril. The last stand.

This is a screenshot from the actual game.

Somewhere in Muspelheim, Surtur is sobbing.

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10:26 PM - Sharing a thousand words

I like Fotopic for its ability to instantly generate online photo albums but there are two new services that will come in handy if and when I need to share a single image for a brief period of time.

Both UploadYourImages.com and TinyPic do not require registration but there are some restrictions. UploadYourImages.com limits file sizes to 500kb while TinyPic automatically resizes images that are larger than 250kb. TinyPic also deletes pictures from its servers after 10,000 hits or 30 days of inactivity.

(If you have time to kill, browse through random pictures on UploadYourImages.com and the 50 most popular images on TinyPic to see what's on Joe and Jane Internet's minds.)

So what's the catch? There was a suggestion these services could be using spyware in some way to track users but I'm not sure how they would be doing this.

A whois check shows TinyPic was registered by Alex Welch, the guy behind Photobucket.com. Like Photobucket.com, TinyPic is accepting donations but I suspect the owners of services like these are willing to absorb the initial costs in order to build up a large enough user base with the hopes of eventually tempting advertisers.

(Link obtained from MeFi.)

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Monday, June 21, 2004

11:00 PM - Just druid

If you had told me a year ago I would enjoy replaying the Neverwinter Nights Official Campaign a year later, I would have laughed heartily in your face.

Yet, I am doing just that at the moment. Enjoying replaying the NWN OC, that is. I've been enjoying it so much I've eschewed the multiplayer game for the past few days.

I suppose I have lowered my expectations in terms of story. ( I was bitterly disappointed with the NWN OC and hadn't even bothered to complete it past the overrated Charwood quest.) I'm just enjoying the game aspect of it the second time around.

I'm currently playing a druid which is hands down my favourite character class because of its versatility. Currently at level 9, he has Barkskin and Stoneskin to protect him and Bull's Strength to pump him up. He doesn't dish out much damage in melee combat but I enjoy getting close and personal with the sabre. The Call Lightning spell -- Shazam! -- comes in handy whenever I want to soften up a group of foes. My only disappointment is that I can't play a transforming Shapeshifter in the original campaign.

The druid, being one with nature, is also capable of having quite a menagerie with him as he stalks around. At one point, my druid had three Dire Wolves trotting behind him. The faithful beasts were ever ready to die on their master's behalf and frequently did so.

(Oddly, the Dire Wolf animal companion, unlike the Summon Creature III version, isn't capable of using Knockdown and Power Attack.)

I was able to complete most of the early battles without raising a sweat even with the difficulty level set to the max. Admittedly, I am frequently abusing the pause button and the teleport-to-safety option.

(My druid did, however, get his nature-lovin' ass handed to him on two occasions: the final battle of Chapter I and a battle with a Dire Bear early in Chapter II. God bless save'n'reload.)

I'm thinking of getting the Henchmen Inventory and AI Mod to boost the AI of NPCs. I did try a pre-1.0 version of the mod over a year ago and battles were tougher and much more satisfying with it.

The only thing that's preventing me from installing the new version is the prospect of reinstalling the entire game should the mod break something. To be fair, the current maintainer of the mod has provided details of the mod's problems in a lengthy text file and there seem to be easy workarounds for every documented problem.

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Sunday, June 20, 2004

9:16 PM - One Tree Hill

My browser of choice, Mozilla Firefox, has been updated to version 0.9. I downloaded the 4.73MB Windows installer and upgraded as per the instructions. The process was very smooth because the new version imported my previous profile (including the bookmarks, cookies and preferences) without any problems. There was hardly anything to tweak.

As others have noted, the new default theme, Winstripe, is less stylish than its predecessor, Qute, but it's not too bad. I just need to get used to it. But it's nice to know I can always revert to Qute.

Incidentally, Firefox sometimes renders Slashdot incorrectly and I usually end up refreshing the page several times to correct it. There's a simpler fix: click the Back button followed by the Forward button and the page should display correctly.

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9:15 PM - ABBA: edutainers

ABBA on military history:

My, my,
At Waterloo
Napoleon did surrender
Oh yeah, I have met my destiny
In quite a similar way
The history book on the shelf
Is always repeating itself

ABBA on economics:

Money, money, money
Must be funny,
In the rich man's world

ABBA on Freudian psychology:

Mamma mia, here I go again
My my, how can I resist you?
Mamma mia, does it show again?
My my, just how much I've missed you

ABBA on concert lighting:

Tonight the
Super Trouper lights are gonna find me
Shining like the sun
(Sup-p-per Troup-p-per)
Smiling, having fun

ABBA on bukkake:

It was like shooting a sitting duck
A little small talk, a smile and baby I was stuck
I still don't know what you've done with me
A grown-up woman should never fall so easily
I feel a kind of fear
When I don't have you near
Unsatisfied, I skip my pride
I beg you dear...

Don't go wasting your emotion
Lay all your love on me
Don't go sharing your devotion
Lay all your love on me

Okay, maybe not.

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Saturday, June 19, 2004

10:08 PM - The blooming red lotus

One of my students showed me his Digimon game device after class. It has a card reader built-in and you can use various cards to power-up your Digimon.

Some of the names were a bit dubious, though. "Sky-Horse Monster"? Then there's the "Little yellow dragon Monster" which is apparently named because it is little, dragon-like and ... red. The text on the cards is just as questionable. "The comdition of evolution" and "The rolling blood tide like the blooming red lotus, a flaming dragon with sharp paw."

The device itself has a Bandai copyright in Japanese on the back of it but I suspect the cards aren't Officially Approved Bandai Merchandise.

How times have changed, though. Back in my day, we threw old tennis balls at each other for fun. It hurt like hell but it built character. Granted, we'd rather have computer games than character but we made do as best as we could.

Man, I can't wait to get my GBA SP.

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Friday, June 18, 2004

11:20 PM - The O.C.

Picture this: A man wearing a full-face helmet and brandishing a massive blade enters your home. He is quickly followed by a tiny man armed with a bow and two fearsome wolf-like creatures.

The man asks you one or two questions about current events. You are nervous but you answer his questions as best you can. You then watch as the stranger proceeds to rifle through your belongings. He pockets several items and takes your entire lifeís savings. What do you do?

Well, if you live in Neverwinter, you donít say one damned thing.

Itís hard being an NPC.

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

7:36 PM - Librarian from hell

This is a figurine of a librarian? Dear lord, the punishment for overdue books must be extreme.

(Terarin has more photos of nicely painted gaming figurines in his gallery.)

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

8:37 PM - Hardcore hobbyist video

HLJ's Scott T. Hards went to the 43rd Shizuoka Hobby Show and made a video to complement his pictorial report. The first part, which features some background on the show and a look at aircraft kits, is available in multiple file formats. I downloaded the 22MB MPEG version and thoroughly enjoyed the five-minute video.

(Link obtained from the Toybox BBS.)

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

8:09 PM - Tales of the Stick

Role-playing fans -- D&D players especially -- will get a kick out of Rich Burlew's web comic, The Order of the Stick. (Favourites: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.)

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Monday, June 14, 2004

6:34 PM - "Football ... Bloody hell!"

France did to England what Manchester United did to Bayern Munich and what Porto did to Manchester United. The reigning European champions beat England (pix) thanks to two injury time goals by the masterful Zinedine Zidane.

Notable moments:

  • Zidane giving his fellow Real Madrid galactico Beckham a peck on the cheek in the tunnel before the match. (For the life of me, I cannot see anyone doing the same to Roy Keane anytime soon.)

  • The French were the more dominant side in the first-half but it was Sven-Goran Eriksson's men who took the lead. Lampard beat his marker Silvestre to a Beckham free-kick and headed the ball into the French net.

  • Rooney's surge into the French penalty area panicked Silvestre into making a rash challenge which resulted in a penalty for England. Beckham picked his spot to the keeper's right but Barthez did brilliantly to palm the shot away. (Barthez is reported to have studied Beckham's previous penalty attempts before the match.)

  • The ever-hapless Heskey fouled Makelele in an area where you wouldn't want to concede a free-kick and Zidane fired a shot that gave James absolutely no chance.

  • Gerrard's irresponsible backpass to James -- he hadn't even bothered to check in James's direction for possible danger -- was intercepted by Henry in the penalty area and speedy Frenchman went down under a challenge by James. Zidane stepped up and coolly converted the penalty for a famous French victory over their English rivals.

"Were they watching the same match?" Dept.

The BBC's rating of Gerrard:

5 - An unspectacular display from the Liverpool captain - until his dreadful back pass found Henry in the box.

The Guardian's rating of Gerrard:

8 - Exactly the force Eriksson hoped he would be. His energy, drive and passing range demonstrated what was missed at the last World Cup.

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6:28 PM - Skinning

From Neverwinter Vault's list of 50 most popular files:

  • Succubus, Nymphs, Air Elemental with jiggly torsos

  • Nudes Ultra Pack

  • Well Endowed Human Female (All base armors)

  • Female Nude and Lingerie Skin Pack (Ver 2)

No prizes for guessing which demographic dominates the NWN player base.

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

8:55 PM - Football fever

Euro 2004 has begun and it's already had a major impact as you can tell from today's Drudge Report headline.

(It's strange that Drudge would call it "football" rather than "soccer" but I'm not complaining. "Soccer" just sounds stupid and it has a stupid origin as well.)

I caught the tournament's opening match and saw hosts Portugal beaten 1-2 by unfancied Greece (pix). Greece got their first goal as early as the sixth minute thanks to some horrible defending by a nervy Portugal side. Ferreira gave the ball away to Karagounis and Couto compounded that mistake by neglecting to close down the Greek player. (Couto seemed primarily concerned with protecting his naughty bits as Karagounis was taking aim.)

Portugal then began to go to pieces with their players once again displaying poor discipline and temperament in a major tournament. The Portuguese couldn't find a way past a well-organised Greek defence and became petulant and pouty whenever decisions didn't go their way. Costinha earned himself a yellow card in the 21st minute after a challenge on Karagounis and then stupidly wasted time confronting the writhing Greek player.

Scolari tried to change things around in the second-half by bringing on Deco and Ronaldo but things went from bad to worse. Poor Ronaldo gave away a penalty after he clumsily ran into Seitaridis in the penalty area and Basinas doubled Greece's lead from the spot.

Ronaldo tried desperately to make amends for his error but he kept failing to find any Portuguese player whenever he crossed the ball. He did finally manage to get a consolation goal in injury time with an exquisite header but Greece ran out 2-1 winners.

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Saturday, June 12, 2004

9:25 PM - fuyoh.net


Click on the above picture to head to my new site.

I still need to tweak and add some elements but fuyoh.net is more or less presentable right now.

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Friday, June 11, 2004

10:03 PM - Teh Sukc

Finding a NWN persistent world to settle in is proving to be a bit difficult. I'll be the first to admit I'm perhaps a bit fussy about the environment I want to play in.

It has to be role-play heavy but it shouldn't be too heavy to the extent that the game experience is reduced to sitting around listening to a bunch of humourless self-absorbed drama queens trading angst-ridden tales.

I'd like some action along with my role-playing. I'd like to be surrounded with memorable characters and immersed in memorable situations. A sense of humour is essential. I'd like to play with players who want to entertain as much as be entertained. And hey, let's remember to take that +3 Rod of Seriousness out of our asses and always keep in mind the "game" aspect of "role-playing game."

The ping rate is a bit of a problem. I know from experience that you're simply asking for trouble if you play on a server that has a ping rate in excess of 500ms. I've had enough frustrating lags, random disconnections and possession bugs to last several lifetimes. That narrows down the list of choices pretty quickly.

Then there are the server requirements which need to be fulfilled. Some servers require a password which in turn requires registering with the server's forum. Players might even be required to provide a detailed bio of the character they intend to play. I would not be surprised if players will soon have to provide their tax and health records for the past 10 years and then submit a thesis on the mating habits of dire badgers before they're even considered for a spot on a multiplayer server.

All this hasn't deterred me from looking for that one server I can settle in, though. When all the elements come together, the player mix is just right and the planets align just so, multiplayer NWN can provide a transcendent gaming moment and I'll keep trying until that happens.

The server I tried today was disappointing, though. The character names were a big giveaway that the role-playing quotient would be a bit lacking.

I realise I shouldn't be mocking character names since my own characters' names are usually anagrams of my real name. In my defence, the anagrams sound pretty exotic to me. Besides, I'm just damned tired of those names derived from fantasy novels. But being derivative isn't all that bad. Some of the names I saw on the server I played on today were highly original. They were also pretty damned stupid.

Case in point: Teh Sukc. No joke. Teh Sukc. It's so bad that it's ... no, wait, it's just so bad. There's no possible way you could justify that name. It may sound Vietnamese but crucially, there are no records of any Vietnamese boat people landing in the Forgotten Realms. There was another character named Beast Butcher. It makes you wonder if he had siblings named Plant Butcher, Fish Butcher, Bird Butcher, etc. And what would possess someone to name their character _WarFANcH_? What's with the weird capitalisation and the underscores? Did the server have, god forbid, multiple characters named Warfanch and this player needed to differentiate himself? (Don't ask me how I know but I just know it's a him. A 12-year-old him.)

Then there was this exchange by two players:

[Shout] hi@all

[Shout] omg hi2u2

[Shout] :p

I know I could be accused of having a +3 Rod of Seriousness up my ass but come on, there were so many things wrong about that.

The server was, all things considered, a bad experience. Teh Sukc-y even.

Here's hoping I'll have better luck tomorrow.

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Thursday, June 10, 2004

5:45 PM - The hordes are here

Mr Postman delivered Hordes of the Underdark yesterday and I reinstalled the original Neverwinter Nights game and the two expansion packs today. This involved swapping in and out five CD-ROMs, entering three separate CD-keys (each roughly three jillion characters long) and updating the game (after updating the updater). All told, my NWN folder is taking up 3.51GB of hard disk space and I haven't even downloaded all the hak packs I'm going to need to play on various multiplayer servers. Sheesh.

I tested the game in single player mode earlier and things went smoothly. The introduction movies played without stuttering and gameplay in the first few areas of NWN's Prelude chapter were free of any glitches. I hope the multiplayer game is just as trouble-free but I suppose that would depend very much on my ISP's whims and fancies.

I went online earlier and found the ping rate for World of Palladium was around 400+ which is playable more or less. I'll give it a shot as soon as I've downloaded the hak pack and registered with the site's forum.

In other news, Neverwinter Vault reports an organisation called The Education Arcade is using NWN as an educational tool to teach about the American War for Independence.

Among the things students will learn about the Revolutionary War during the exercise:

  • The Americans won their independence mainly because they had help from Red Dragons.

  • You need to be a Level 9 musketeer (at least) before you can slay a British General.

  • Before going into battle, it's always a good idea to have your clergyman to cast "Bless" and "Protection from Small Metal Projectiles."

  • +2 Matchlock Musquettes are completely badass.

  • If you slay an artilleryman, you get 100XP.

  • They spoke l33t a lot in those days.

  • It's a little known fact the outcome of a number of critical battles was decided by server lag.

All right, I made those up. All kidding aside, I think it's neat that educators are using PC games as a means of education. It's educational and entertaining. Edutaining even.

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

6:45 AM - The Baron

Microman MagnePowers Robotman Baron.

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5:45 AM - Hosted

After 1000-plus posts on this site, I think it's fair to say I am capable of sustaining a blog and it's time to kick things up a notch. I've taken the plunge and recently purchased a domain name and spent some money on a hosting service.

Blog, the blogging software that powers this site, is great for beginners but I was keen on trying more flexible blogging technologies. I had my eye on MovableType for some time but I was recently made aware of WordPress, another content management system that's been getting a lot of mind share of late.

WordPress's requirements meant I couldn't host it on Tripod. After looking around, I signed up with local reseller KK Host Network and got 100MB of storage space and 3GB of bandwidth. That's five times the space and triple the bandwidth of this site. I don't think there's any danger of my exceeding either but it's nice to know there's extra space and bandwidth available if I should require it. I think I got a decent deal for RM225 and I'd like to maintain that illusion so feel free to leave me in ignorance of any host who provides terabytes of storage space and bandwidth and throws in unlimited access to buxom Swedish triplets for a fraction of the same price. I don't want to hear about it.

I've got some doubts about the security and performance of the new site so I intend to mirror content on this site just in case some script-kiddies decide to have some fun.

I'll link to the new site as soon as I've tweaked it to my satisfaction.

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Sunday, June 06, 2004

8:15 PM - United disaster on film

I haven't seen the disaster flick, The Day After Tomorrow, yet but I gather it has a couple of Manchester United references in it. From United's official site:

Ryan Giggs and Ruud van Nistelrooy play prominent roles during the footage of the team which sees United take on Boca Juniors at Old Trafford from August 2002 - although in the movie we are told the team are up against Celtic in the Champions League!

In another scene, which takes place just as the eye of the storm is about to hit the United Kingdom, Professor Terry Rapson (Ian Holm) enjoys one last toast with his two colleagues - one of whom chooses to salute United in the last moments of his life.

There's another movie in the works that features Manchester United prominently. The title? "Manchester United Ruined My Life." Shockingly, it's not a biography of Kevin Keegan. Based on the book of the same name, it's apparently the tale of a Manchester City fan so it should be a riotous comedy.

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Saturday, June 05, 2004

9:04 PM - Hardcore

It's the school holidays right now but my tuition classes go on as usual. I asked one of my students today if he's travelled anywhere and he said he'd been to Port Dickson.

(Port Dickson would be one of Malaysia's beach resorts.)

"What did you do there?" I asked, fully expecting the answer to be some beach-type activities.

"Play PS and GameBoy," he answered.

So, the kid went all the way to a beach resort and spent his time there playing Playstation and GBA games. Which is what he does at home every day.

He may have trouble speaking and writing in English but he undoubtedly kicks ass and takes names when it comes to jumping over mushrooms and saving princesses.

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Thursday, June 03, 2004

9:29 PM - Gallant Garren

Favourite action sequence of the week: Garren's henshin in Kamen Rider Blade episode 19.

(Spoilers, ho!)

Tachibana, realising he must fight as Kamen Rider Garren once again, has to face four of the Undead before he can reclaim the Garren Buckle.

The Locust and the Jaguar rush him but he evades their clumsy attack with a forward half-roll. He blocks a blow from the Boar, ducks another blow, runs towards the Garren Buckle but is confronted by the formidable form of the Deer. He leaps over the Deer, does another half-roll as he lands, grabs the Garren Buckle, inserts the Rouse Card, leaps over a railing, transforms as he falls and lands as Garren.

(Screencaps: 1, 2.)

I've seen this 13-second sequence about a dozen times now and it still leaves me whooping with sheer joy every single time.

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8:44 PM - Really, really baaaad

World's most badass sheep.

(Be sure to browse the rest of penny roots's gallery for some delightful pictures of the UK countryside.)

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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

7:09 PM - And I quote

More funny excerpts from IRC: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

(Warning: not for the prudish.)

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7:04 PM - Getting the worm

HLJ owner Scott T. Hards explains HLJ's stocking system. Bottom line: If you want to be sure of getting an item, take advantage of the Early Bird offers.

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7:02 PM - Hong Kong Fuyoh!

Tinng depicts Optimus Prime in Hong Kong, moments before the Autobot legend gets hit by a rickshaw.

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6:57 PM - No way, Jose

Chelsea appointed Jose Mourinho as their manager and the new man provided two choice quotes in his first press conference:

  • "We have top players and, sorry if I'm arrogant, but we now have a top manager."

  • "I don't want to sound arrogant, but I think I am a special manager because I have won the Champions League."

You just know Ferguson read that and is now itching to play Chelsea. I hope Ferguson will paraphrase Mourinho's words as Porto manager when United beat the free-spending London side next season.

"I understand why he is a bit emotional. You would be sad if your team gets as clearly dominated by opponents who have been built on a fraction of your budget."

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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

6:35 PM - It's the eyes

Looks like somebody's been spending way too much time in front of the PC.

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6:29 PM - Codec

Having trouble playing the latest fansubbed episodes of Kamen Rider 555? Does every media player you try crash a few seconds after playing the AVI files? You're not the only one having the problem. It's due to the fact the latest episodes make use of the latest Xvid codec so you'll need to install it before you can play the files.

(If the codec installer aborts halfway through, reboot your PC and try again.)

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6:26 PM - A myth good for a smile

I'm fascinated by mythology but most articles about deities and their shenanigans tend to be fairly dull and stodgy. Thank the gods for Godchecker. See Sun Wukong's bio for an example of Godchecker's irreverent style.

The only strike against the site is that navigating it requires JavaScript. I usually have JavaScript disabled but I enjoyed Godchecker's content so much, I turned it on.

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